Vincenzo Balistreri

Hello, my name is Vincenzo Balistreri. I was born on June 26th 1958 in Lampedusa, a small island near Sicily, Italy. I started as a custom knifemaker gradually. Before starting with knives, I have had experience with other art forms, like sculpting and painting, taking part to shows and exhibitions of the Alitalia's art group. In year 2003, I received a copy of the Italian magazine 'Coltelli' (Knives) and my interest in this form of art rose. I asked myself the question, possibly a retoric one: 'if all those people can, using their skills and some imagination, create these wonderful knives, could I do that as well?'. The answer to this question came later. I took part to my first exhibition in year 2004, where I displayed my first creation, a new take on the Anconetano knife. Later, in year 2006, I achieved the status of Maestro coltellinaio (Master Knifemaker) from the CIC (Italian Knivemakers Corporation). The thing I appreciate the most in my work is the constant research and development of new mechanisms, to ensure that my products are not only aesthetically pleasant but also well-working.


Exhibitions and awards

  • March 2014: 7° Feria de Cuchillería Artesanal - Madrid - received 3° prize
  • June 2014: 1° Esposizione Mostra del Coltello - Cortona
  • September 2014: 1° Esposizione Città di Castello contextually to the 'Fiera del Cavallo' exhibition
  • 18/19 October 2014: 14° Mostra Nazionale del Coltello d'Arte - received 'Colpo di Fulmine' award
  • 29/30 November 2014: 18° Esposizione del Coltello Artistico - Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai (C.I.C.) - Milan
  • 22/23 October 2016: 14° Mostra Coltelli Artigianali e da Collezione - received 'Best folding knife' award